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Lower Cedar Creek Expeditionary Journal
  • Lower Cedar Creek Expeditionary Journal

    Check out this brand new Book and Expeditionary Journal from

    -> Tim the Idahoan. 
    This edition shows the beautiful Lower Cedar Creek Trail. Its a great Coffee table read or prep for the trail. First Edition includes: 44 Pages of Photos,  Journal Entries, Information, and some Great Observations from a pretty special trail right here in Idaho. 

    About the Author

    Once upon a time, there was a young man in Idaho who had just graduated from college with an engineering degree. However, engineering jobs were scarce at the time and so he was not immediately able to find work. Being unemployed in Idaho was not all bad: with nothing to tie him down, he spent much of his time roaming freely over Idaho’s untamed backcountry. Of course, at times he needed to be in town in order to make contact with potential employers, or because he was expecting to be contacted by them. When he was in town waiting for companies to call him back, he occupied himself with creative writing projects, or, as a last resort, surfing the internet. While surfing the internet, he stumbled across a

    YouTube channel where a man with a phony Russian accent conducted reviews and demonstrations of exotic firearms, interspersed with creative target scenarios and, unfortunately, with quite a bit of profanity and crude humor. The channel had millions of subscribers and seemed to be making a great deal of money. “I bet I could produce a show that would be just as entertaining as this, and a whole lot cleaner! Then maybe I won’t need to find a regular job,” he thought to himself. Thus, he went on to create a YouTube channel called TheIdahoanShow. He never gave out his full name on the internet, and so he became known as

    Tim “The Idahoan.” He did eventually find an engineering job, but in his spare time he continued to explore the out-of-doors and to make videos about anything that interested him. In early spring of 2020, he came into possession of a DSLR camera and was so impressed with the quality of the pictures it enabled him to take that he began carrying it on his outdoor excursions that summer. The following winter, he collected his best photographs and began to publish his Illustrated Expeditionary Journals.

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