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THE THREE PACK (Sticker Combo)
  • THE THREE PACK (Sticker Combo)

    These are rad hand drawn Perrine Man stickers. Were you thinking, "Man, I need one of each?" Well you are a wise sage, and we listen to wise sages. Here is a 3 pack that is on sale and saves you tons of money for all three. Boom :) 
    PS- The WILD sticker will be a surprise color................... Surprise! 

    **ALL IMAGES AND DESIGNS ARE OUR OWN AND SUBJECT TO TRADEMARK & COPYRIGHT LAWS** (In other words, please don't steal other people's art... :) 

    • Copyright/Tradmark Notice/Image Distribution​​​​​​

      ​​​​​​​*All of our designs and artistic ideas are subject to copyright and are trademark laws. Please don't use our logos for any reason... Even in advertising/social media/etc. If you would like to buy any design from us we will sell you any of them for 1bazillion dollars... in gold bars please... or five dollar bills... that would be cool...

    • Shipping and Handling

      All products are handmade by us with love. We do our best to get items out as quick as possible, however please allow up to 5 business days before your item is shipped and headed your way.. (trust us it's worth the wait :). Thanks for being such an amazing part of Perrineman.

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