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125 Main Ave West

Twin Falls, Idaho, 83301


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Perrine Man Press is our family adventure in small town Idaho. We started dreaming of our "outdoorsy shop" back in college and now after 9 years, here we are! My wonderful wife Kenj hand draws our designs while I get to be a bit of the vision, encouragement, critique. We both do a lot of little things in between to make it all tick. We seek to create great quality with rad shirts, hats, hoodies, and apparel you actually want to wear.

At some point, one of our dreams with our business is to give to great causes as well. "Good tees that do Good" or something like that.. We are still working on the details, but trust that God will work it out.

Thank you so much for your support. Thank you for helping my lovely wife spend more time with Emmit, Chaco, and I. So many of you have loved us and been so encouraging getting us going.

It means more than you know.

-Cory, Kenji, Emmit, & the pup Chaco

About Us

About Us


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The Perrine Man. Look closely :) We love our home here in Idaho.


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